This is the website of dA JoRMaS - a collective of multimedia artists with emphasis on electronic dance music. dA JoRMaS was formed in 1994 in order to help its members release music and other works through multimedia productions in the Amiga demo scene. The members have also had their own projects and collaborations under different pseudonyms like .jRM, Mulletronic, Tero and Shr888m.

These pages contain information about dA JoRMaS' productions as a demo group, links to the works of individual members of dA JoRMaS and information about the members themselves and their projects.

Latest News

A compilation of dA JoRMaS classics, "Matskuuuu", now out on REMUTE.MOD!

Matskuuuu Matskuuuu, a compilation of remastered dA JoRMaS MODs, is now available from REMUTE.MOD. The compilation includes the following tracks:

  1. Vesuri - Major Release
  2. RaatoMestari - Howsex-perience
  3. Vesuri - Monocle
  4. Vesuri - Contraception
  5. C00l Pappi - Da Holy Beast
  6. Jolkoti - CUD Remix
  7. Naks - An Cientik
  8. Vesuri - Juno Monk
  9. Vesuri - Kysymys
  10. Naks - Re-Erazor
  11. Naks - Dab Itch
  12. Vesuri - Marmeladi
  13. Vesuri - Traktor
  14. PiirakkaMunalla - Marginal
  15. Naks - Dab Itch (Remutes Wasted Gameboy RMX)
These MODs, mostly from 1995-1997, have been remastered to be more listener friendly while still preserving the original intent and sound. Get yours now!

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dA JoRMaS on Facebook and Twitter

You can follow us on Facebook (dA JoRMaS) and Twitter @dAJoRMaS.

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20 years of dA JoRMaS Party!

To celebrate the 20th birthday of dA JoRMaS, there will be a party in Lauschangriff (Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin, Germany) on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 21:00 onwards! The lineup will include Kippu [gabber/breakcore], Hoffi [hardcore], Tero [C64 live!], Naks [tekno/hc] and more. See you there!

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dA JoRMaS 19 years old!

It's the 19th birthday of dA JoRMaS! Congratulations!

Updated on 2013-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

dA JoRMaS 18 years old

On March 19th, 2012, dA JoRMaS becomes 18 years old. Cheers!

Updated on 2012-03-19 by dA JoRMaS

Megane Rellu released at the Finnish Amiga Party 2009

An Amiga 500 40k intro called Megane Rellu reached the 1st place at the Finnish Amiga Party 40k intro competition. Enjoy!

Updated on 2009-12-06 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS' 15th anniversary

March 19th, 2009 is the 15th anniversary of dA JoRMaS. Congratulations!

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dA JoRMaS 14 years old!


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dA JoRMaS reaches teenage

13 years!

Updated on 2007-05-14 by dA JoRMaS

Naks - Sellout EP out now!

naks - sellout ep (tsr records 2007) [otto001]

a1 - passive attack
a2 - don't u get it
b1 - bongoloid
b2 - gnaeae edit
b3 - bergen

distributed by deejay.de - also available at juno records, decks records

Updated on 2007-02-25 by Naks

Super Sievä @ Blaze 30.3.2006

Updated on 2007-01-08 by Naks

Vesuri's "Dickorunkkaus 3: Kliimaksi" Disco Mix Available

Dickorunkkaus 2: KliimaksiVesuri's third Dickorunkkaus mix is now available at ftp://vesuri.jormas.com/users/vesuri/dickorunkkausmix3.mp3. Tracklist is available at http://vesuri.jormas.com/dickorunkkausmix3.txt.

  1. Albert One - For Your Love
  2. Grant Miller - California Train
  3. Atrium - Hey Tonight
  4. Den Harrow / Pesäharava - Future Brain / Futupää (Live, Preview)
  5. Klapto - Queen of the Night
  6. Brand Image / Tuotekuva - Are You Loving? / Rakastatsä? (Live, Preview)
  7. Knight Action - Single Girl
  8. Barry Mason - Body
  9. Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte
  10. Atmosphere - Swede's Scandal
  11. M & G - Boogie Tonight
  12. Doctor's Cat - Crash
  13. Junior Byron - Dance to the Music
  14. Cellophane - Gimme Love
  15. M & G - When I Let You Down
  16. Pluton & The Humanoids - World Invaders
  17. Lama - Love On The Rocks
  18. Transvolta - Disco Computer
  19. Fredi - Se outoa on

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Club Sievä @ Blaze 27.12.2006

DJs: Kalle Karvanen [X0X Records, RBMA, X-Rust, Turku], Wille R. [Tourula UG], Naks [Sewer Leak]. Elektro, Disco, Breaks. 21-03, free entry, cheap drinks! Club Sievä

Updated on 2006-12-07 by Naks

naks - freaky bitch mix [electro techno]

:::::naks - freaky bitch mix
::01 Andrea Parker featuring DJ Assault & DJ Godfather - Freaky Bitches [::touchin' bass:]
::02 Electro Nation - Woman/Machine [::acid fuckers unite::]
::03 Dynamix II - Sedona [::monotone::]
::04 Sero - Megamaid [::x0x records::]
::05 DMX Krew - What's That Bass?! [::breakin' records::]
::06 Dynamik Bass System - Electronic Freakazoidz [::monotone::]
::07 Professor X - Professor X (Saga) [::the x files::]
::08 Kraftwerk - Numbers (San Francisco The Warfield) [::emi::]
::09 Ozone Layer - Planetary Deterioration (Anthony Rother 1999 Remix) [::gigolo records::]
::10 Imatran Voima - American Splendor [::golden dice records::]
::11 DJ Technician - My Beat Is A Monster [::bunker::]
::12 Erik & Fiedel - Donna [::mmm::]
::13 Diplomat - ZX Complex [::electrolab records::]
::14 Alden Tyrell - Phaze Me [::viewlexx::]
::15 Alden Tyrell - Obsession scrtch [::clone::]
::16 Green Velvet - UFOs [::relief records::]
::17 Adult. - XZZX [::ersatz audio::]
::18 Ø - Röntgen [::sähkö recordings::]
::19 Mulletronic - Damn Sexual Self Lies [::sewer leak::]


Updated on 2006-11-23 by Naks

Tero live @ Microdisko, Alcazar, Stockholm, 28.10.2006

Microdisko 28.10.2006 SUOMI DATA ACID! Live: Dirty 1200, Dorothy's Magic Bag, Tero (FI), DJ Syntax Error, VJ Unlucky Monkey. 21-02, 50 SEK, age limit 18. Alcazar, David Bagares Gata 15, Stockholm.

Updated on 2006-09-29 by Pekka Pou

Tero live @ Avaruusdisko, Kuudes Linja, 13.10.2006

Friday 13.10. AVARUUSDISKO: Tuomas Toivonen, Tero, DJ Lil' Tony. Tickets 5€, age limit 20, open 22-04. Kuudes Linja, Helsinki.

Updated on 2006-09-29 by Pekka Pou

Summer Sievä @ Blaze 12.7.2006

Naks & Wille R. rocking Blaze UG from 21 to 03. Elektro breaks tekno. More info.

Updated on 2006-07-06 by Naks

Vesuri's "Dickorunkkaus 2: Kiihotus" Disco Mix Available

Dickorunkkaus 2: KiihotusVesuri mixed a sequel for the Dickorunkkaus mix. The 70 minute disco mix is available at ftp://vesuri.jormas.com/users/vesuri/dickorunkkausmix2.mp3. Tracklist is available at http://vesuri.jormas.com/dickorunkkausmix2.txt.

  1. Jules Tropicana - Welcome
  2. Hugh Bullen - Alisand
  3. Los Angeles TF - Magical Body
  4. Ram Band - Silent Smiles
  5. Fred Ventura - The Years
  6. Felli - Diamond in the Night
  7. Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl
  8. Cheaps - Moliendo Cafe
  9. Vivien Vee - Blue Disease
  10. Kasko - Kyberrakkautta (Preview)
  11. Electric Workers - Robot is Systematic
  12. Connie Case - Get Down
  13. Homokissapuisto - Mä olen vokoderi (Preview)
  14. Amin Peck - Girl On Me
  15. I.M.S - Dancing Therapy
  16. O'gar - Playback Fantasy
  17. Sissy - Queen of Discoteque
  18. Ghecko - Firelight
  19. Magyka - I know Magyca
  20. Tapps - Runaway
  21. The Immortals - Ultimate Warlord
  22. Mito - Unit

Updated on 2006-04-29 by Vesuri

Vesuri's "Dickorunkkaus" Disco Mix Available

Vesuri managed to put together a 65 minute disco mix for a friend before the Christmas. It is now available at ftp://vesuri.jormas.com/users/vesuri/dickorunkkausmix.mp3. Tracklist is available at http://vesuri.jormas.com/dickorunkkausmix.txt.

Updated on 2006-04-29 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS 12th Anniversary!

12 years ago, on March 19th, 1994 dA JoRMaS was born. Happy birthday!

Updated on 2006-03-19 by Vesuri

Mulletronic Live @ Kuudes Linja

Mulletronic will be performing live at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki on February 10th, 2006. Tickets 5 euros, age limit 20, open 21-04. Welcome!

Updated on 2006-01-30 by Vesuri

Mulletronic - Sexual 12" out now on Sewer Leak!

Mulletronic aka Raato has his first full release out on Sewer Leak called Sexual. This sexy red vinyl includes four unique electro tracks for rocking the dancefloor and home listening enjoyment. Check it out www.sewerleak.com!

Updated on 2006-01-24 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ @ Blaze 19.1.2006

Elektrodis kobre akstek no. Wille R (Tourula UG) & Naks (Sewer Leak). 21-03 and it's free! Blaze, Jyväskylä

Updated on 2006-01-12 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ @ Blaze wed 14.12.2005

Wille R. (Tourula UG) Nu skool breaks, Naks (Sewer Leak) Elektro, funky techno, neo disco. Tickets 1€, drinks starting from 2€. 21-03.

Updated on 2005-11-23 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ @ Blaze thu 3.11.

Freshhh elektro & breaks trakks served by Wille R. (Tourula UG) and Naks (Sewer Leak). 21-03 entrance fee 1€ - cheap drinks all night long

Updated on 2005-10-20 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ @ Blaze thu 13.10.2005

Elektro, breaks & disKo with dj Wille R. (Tourula UG) and Naks (Sewer Leak). 21-03. Entrance 1€ - Blaze, Yliopistonkatu 36, Jyväskylä

Updated on 2005-10-05 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ @ Blaze Thu 8.9.2005

Club Sievä with Bad Passion (Rikos Records) and Naks (Sewer Leak) offers you hits from the 80s, unclassics and rocking electro at Blaze, Jyväskylä. Entrance fee 1e. 21-03

Updated on 2005-09-01 by Naks

Summer Sievä @ Blaze, JKL thu 9.6.2005

Elektro, disko & breaks at Blaze, Jyväskylä thursday 9.6.2005 21-03. Free entry and cheap drinks. DJ:s Wille R (Tourula UG), Bad Passion (Rikos Records), Naks (dA JoRMaS).

Updated on 2005-05-22 by Naks

Tutka 0.12.3 Released

Another version of Tutka, a MIDI tracker for GNU/Linux, has been released. The new version includes many small improvements.

Updated on 2005-04-14 by Vesuri

CLUB SIEVÄ elektro disco @ Blaze, JKL 21.04.2005

After acid edition Club Sievä returns to elektro disco. DJs Toni Aalto (HYTKY, HKI), Bad Passion (Rikos Records) & Naks (dA JoRMaS). Music ranges from 80s italo disco to robot electro of the year 2037.

Updated on 2005-04-13 by Naks

CLUB SIEVÄ acid edition 30.3

Club Sievä acid edition 30.3 with J Raninen (Healium), Lupaus (Rikos Records), Bad Passion (Rikos Records) and Naks (dA JoRMaS) wed 30.3.2005 @ Blaze, Jyväskylä. Acid house, acid tekno, elektro rocking from 21 to 03. And as always - it's free!

Updated on 2005-03-28 by Naks

Tutka 0.12.2 Released

A new version of Tutka, a MIDI tracker for GNU/Linux, is available. The new version improves compatibility with software synthesizers.

Updated on 2005-03-28 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS 11th Anniversary!

On March 19th, 1994 dA JoRMaS was born. That's 11 years, folks. Celebration time!

Updated on 2005-03-18 by Vesuri

Tutka 0.12.1 Released

Another new version of Tutka, a tracker style MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux, was released. See the Tutka homepage for details.

Updated on 2005-02-12 by Vesuri

Club Sievä @ Blaze wed 23.2.2005

Club Sievä returns with Riotbot (ex-Painkiller) [CLR, Audio Assault], Bad Passion [Rikos Records] and Naks [dA JoRMaS]. 23.2.2005 Blaze, Yliopistonkatu 36, Jyväskylä. From 2100 to 03 00 - cheap drinks all night! Music ranges from 80s italo disco to dark breaks and elektro.

Updated on 2005-02-09 by Naks

Tutka 0.12.0 Released

A new version of Tutka, a tracker style MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux, was released. See the Tutka homepage for details.

Updated on 2005-02-05 by Vesuri

Tero live @ Club Telex - Yo-talo, Tampere

TERO live (Rikos Records), MESAK live (Klakson, Rikos Records), DJ BOB RYYNÄNEN (Bass & Beer), DJ PHINN (pHinnWeb), DJ MINI (Telex). Tickets 5 EUR, 22:00 - 04:00, K-18 -- Club Telex

Updated on 2005-01-31 by Naks

Imatran voima + Tero live @ Lutakko 29.1.2005

Tero live @ Lutakko sat 29.1.2005 21-02 + Imatran Voima live, DJ Erkko, DJ Naks and VJ Wode! Tickets 6e.. Don't miss! Pre-tickets from www.jelmu.net

Updated on 2005-01-04 by Naks

Club Sievä @ Blaze 26.1.2005

Club Sievä @ Blaze. 80s - italo - elektro - acid. DJs CMOS (Rikos Rec.), Bad Passion (Rikos Rec.) & Naks. Free!

Updated on 2005-01-04 by Naks

The Cycle @ A-sali 22.1.2005

Naks will be DJing at A-sali 22.1.2005 - More info about The Cycle.

Updated on 2005-01-02 by Naks

X-Mas Disko Electronique @ Blaze

Tero will be playing live 22.12.2004 at Blaze, Jyväskylä. DJs for the night are Erkko (YleX, Niitty), Bad Passion (Rikos Records) and Naks (dA JoRMaS). It's a free event! (More info)

Updated on 2004-12-13 by Naks

The Revenge of Elektro Disco 2 @ Blaze 25.11.2004

Thursday 25.11.2004 The Revenge of Elektro Disco 2 @ Blaze with DJ Bad Passion (Rikos Records) and Naks (dA JoRMaS) + special guest star DJ Mini (Club Telex, HKI). Italodisco from 80s, neodisco, modern electro and 80s electro. Free entry! Beer, long drink and cider only 2e!

Updated on 2004-11-18 by Naks

Rikos Sensitive VII - Techno & rave part III - infernal hardcore elektrostorm (the ecstacy of rave pt.1)

...in other words: Rikos Records elektro party at Ilokivi Sat 06.11.2004 21-03 3€. DJs Iso-Timo (Rikos, TRE), Toffo (Stunner, TRE), Naks (dA JoRMaS, JKL), CMOS (Rikos, JKL) + upstairs ambient chill-out hosted by Liekehtivä ukkosporo helvetistä & Kuuro kädetön paisti. Check out the poster!

Updated on 2004-10-31 by Naks

The Revenge of Elektro Disco @ Blaze 21.10.2004

Naks will be playing at Blaze 21.10.2004 with DJ Bad Passion (Rikos Records). The Revenge of Elektro Disco begins at 21.00 and it's free! Cheap drinks from the bar all night long..

Updated on 2004-10-17 by Naks

Bass & Beer 16.10 @ Telakka, Tampere

Bass & Beer returns this time with Huoratron live, Dj Bob Ryynänen, Jere P. and Naks. 16.10.2004 Telakka, Tampere 21-03. Tickets 5e.

Updated on 2004-10-12 by Naks

Michael Night 80s elektro disco special @ Blaze JKL

Thu 23.09.2004 Naks will be djing with DJ Bad Passion (Rikos Records) @ Blaze, Jyväskylä. Club is open 21-03, free entry and beer/cider/long drink 2e all night long! Poster in Platinum.

Updated on 2004-09-13 by Naks

Plan B @ Ilokivi, JKL with Naks & Bad Passion

Friday 10.9.2004 Naks will be spinning with DJ Bad Passion (Rikos Records) at Plan B taking place at Ilokivi, Jyväskylä. First floor alternative, rock, metal with Plan B DJs, second floor italo elektro megablaaast! From 80s to the future. Party time 22-03 with 2 euro ticket.

Updated on 2004-09-05 by Naks

Mulletronic live at "Bass and Beer Party" / Tampere

September 11th, 2004 Mulletronic is playing live at Bass and Beer Party at Tampere. DJ Lupaus is also spinning records with the Rikos Records Law&Order DJ-Special featuring Dr.Robotnick, Bad Passion and CMOS. Party is taking place in the Telakka, doors open 21-03 and the entrance fee a ridiculous 3 euros!

Updated on 2004-09-02 by Raato

Naks will be DJing in Ignition

Wednesday September 1st, 2004 Naks will play a DJ set in Ignition @ Club Elohuvi, Jyväskylä, Finland. Other DJs include Thomas, Nitro, Orion, Mayah, Ali and Liu. There will be two floors; Naks will play in the lounge (upstairs) from 2345 to 0145. Doors open 22-04, advance tickets 3 euros, from the door 5 euros. Age limit 18. More information in Platinum.

Updated on 2004-08-25 by Vesuri

Major Release 2nd in Assembly 2004 oldskool demo compo

An Amiga 500 demo called Major Release reached the 2nd place in the Assembly 2004 oldskool demo competition. Enjoy!

Updated on 2004-08-18 by Vesuri

Tero live at Assembly 2004

Tero will play a live set at the official Assembly 2004 tekkno party. There will be a party every night during Assembly 2004 but Tero's gig will probably be on Friday. See their page for more information.

Updated on 2004-07-23 by Vesuri

Another batch of unreleased MODs added

There are now 15 previously unreleased dA JoRMaS MODs available on the music page. These are Ranne, Linda Linda, More Life, 13 Years, Da Gruuvhead Kaktuks Mix, Luinen M, Da Gruuvhead PaM Mix, O-Rakas, Number_D, Ganja - Legalize It!, Nut-a-Pop-Ow, Tribl-01, Trippin', Winnerkakkone and Your Jungle to Me. Enjoy!

Updated on 2004-07-23 by Vesuri

Tutka 0.11.2 released

Vesuri released a new version of his tracker style MIDI sequencer, Tutka.

Updated on 2004-07-23 by Vesuri

A new mixtape from Naks available

Naks was surprised by a hangover so he made a mix tape for your pleasure. Tracklist and download URL available in Platinum.

Updated on 2004-07-21 by Vesuri

An article about dA JoRMaS in the Saku magazine

There's an article about dA JoRMaS in the latest issue of the Saku magazine.

Updated on 2004-06-30 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS 10 years party a success!

Photo from J10v taken by Hanna MarkukselaOn March 19th, 2004 we celebrated our 10th anniversary in Ilokivi, Jyväskylä, Finland. Almost 250 people joined the party and contributed to a great evening full of good music and nice atmosphere. We would like to thank everyone involved in organizing the party, all the artists and all attendees. It was an unforgettable evening for us and the best birthday present we could ask for! Live gig recordings will be available from this site soon - stay tuned. If you have photographs from the event please share them with us. For discussion (in Finnish) see the J10v thread at Platinum and the J10v thread at Klubitus.

There are some nice photos from J10v available at Hanna Markuksela's J10v gallery and at Reijo Hyvärinen's J10v gallery. Photo on the right by HM.

All J10v live sets are now available for download. Check out dA JoRMaS' live set (Part 1 - Tekno and Part 2 - HC), the Shr888m live set, Pam's rehearsal set (due to technical difficulties), Tero's live set, Mulletronic's live set and Vesuri's live set!

Updated on 2004-04-06 by Vesuri

Screenshots added and old productions made downloadable

The productions page now includes a screenshot column for easier production browsing. Two Amiga production screenshots are still missing because UAE still can't properly display the screenmode used in them.

Happy Newyear Intro, ARSEnic, Field Effekt Torus and Elektrik Baby are finally available for download. The remaining missing productions are also going to be available soon!

Updated on 2004-04-05 by Vesuri

18 long lost MODs added

In the process of preparing for our J10v live gig Naks took a look of the contents of his old A1200 and found lots of MODs that had been lost for many years. 18 of them are now available for download. Most of them were used in the GabbAhl musicdisk back in 1996. "Psyykkinen Dream", "Hangover" and "Dick Trace" are still lost though so contact us if you have them by any chance.

Updated on 2004-04-04 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS 10 years celebration

March 19th, 2004 is dA JoRMaS' 10th anniversary and to celebrate this we're throwing a wild party...

LocationIlokivi, Jyväskylä, Finland
Date and TimeMarch 19th, 2004 22-04
Price4 euros
Live ActsdA JoRMaS
Bad Passion

An Amiga invitation intro and a Flash invitation are now available. Check them out and prepare yourself for some teknoacidelektroretrohardkore action! Also check out the J10v thread at Platinum for discussion (in Finnish).

Updated on 2004-03-22 by Vesuri

Tero Live @ Club Terminal

Tero is playing live at Club Terminal in Oulu March 6th, 2004. Other acts include VCS2600 and Bad Passion. Club Terminal is at Raksilan Klubi, Ratakatu 6, Linja-autoasema, Oulu, Finland. 23-03, age limit 18, admission 5 euros.

Updated on 2004-03-03 by Vesuri

DJ Lupaus at Roska club

See DJ Lupaus at Roska club in Ilokivi, Jyväskylä on Friday February 20th, 2004. Other DJs include Uke, Tremont, Quide, Erkko, Jere K, Cmos and Q Roc K. 22-04, Age limit 18, admission 5 euros. Ilokivi, Jyväskylä, Finland.

Updated on 2004-02-19 by Vesuri

Tero live in Turku on October 3rd

Tero will be playing live at dUb-käännös klubi on October 3rd, 2003. Other acts include DJs a.alanko and p.selin from L'go Pistooli. The club is held in Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku, Finland. Admission 3 euros, age limit 18, 2100-0300.

Updated on 2003-09-17 by Vesuri

Tero live and DJ Naks @ Jyväs-Elektro VI on September 6th

Tero will be playing live and Naks will be playing records at Jyväs-Elektro VI on September 6th, 2003. Also featuring New York City Survivors (live) and DJs CMOS, Bad Passion, Kuuro Kädetön Paisti, Robottitohtori and Papa Legba. Venue: Ilokivi, Jyväskylä, Finland. Admission: 5 euros. Age limit: 18.

Updated on 2003-09-03 by Vesuri

Vesuri's remix of 'Mereltä tuulee' premiered on YleX

Vesuri's remix of Vesa Norilo's 'Mereltä tuulee' featuring Tanja Varha was premiered on the Finnish national radio channel YleX by DJ Erkko. The song is not yet available but will be released at a later time.

Updated on 2003-09-02 by Vesuri

Hätä 3rd in Assembly 2003 oldskool demo compo

The Amiga 500 version of Hätä reached 3rd place in the Assembly 2003 oldskool demo competition.

Updated on 2003-08-10 by Vesuri

Tero's new album 'Cracker's Revenge' out

Tero's new album 'Cracker's Revenge' has been released on Rikos Records. It contains 8 C64 tracks in a variety of styles plus a C64 cassette data track for your pleasure. Get yours now!

Updated on 2003-07-15 by Vesuri

Some production download links fixed

Some of the production download links were incorrect and files were missing (and some still are). A few of the broken ones are now fixed.

Updated on 2003-04-05 by Vesuri

Alternative Party 2003 live added

A recording of dA JoRMaS live at Alternative Party 2003 has been added to the music page.

Updated on 2003-04-05 by Vesuri

An old live tape added

.jRM: 2/5, a live session played by PAM and Vesuri in at Vesuri's place February 10th, 1997 has been added to the music page.

Updated on 2003-04-05 by Vesuri

Old .jRM live gigs added

A few .jRM live gigs and other sessions from 1997 and 1998 have been added to the music page. Please don't mind the sound quality - the MP3s are old and were recorded from tape back then. There may also be glitches due to live recording.

Updated on 2003-03-26 by Vesuri

Lots of unreleased MODs added

A lot of unreleased dA JoRMaS MODs have been added to the music page.

Updated on 2003-03-26 by Vesuri

.jRM page back up but unfinished

The .jRM page is back online but is currently rather unfinished.

Updated on 2003-03-26 by Vesuri

MOD player applet available

It is now possible to listen to the MOD files directly from the song information pages if you have the Java Plugin (version 1.3 or later) installed!

Updated on 2003-03-20 by Vesuri

Härösärö released

Härösärö, a VST distortion plugin with an envelope follower by C00l Pappi, was released. Get it from the productions page.

Updated on 2003-03-18 by Vesuri

dA JoRMaS 9 years old

dA JoRMaS are now 9 years old! Hooray!

Updated on 2003-03-18 by Vesuri

New web page

The old pages were a couple of years old and inaccurate. Welcome to the new and improved JoRMaS website!

Updated on 2003-03-08 by Vesuri

New web page being designed

Work on the new web pages has begun.

Updated on 2002-09-19 by Vesuri

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Latest Productions
Latest Productions