.jRM History

Event name Organizer Where When
Uni & Painajainen Niitty Jyväskylä, A-Sali 18th July 1998
Piece of Cake Niitty Jyväskylä, Ilokivi 20th December 1997
Sähköisku Niitty Jyväskylä, A-Sali 12th July 1997
Betoni Beats Niitty Jyväskylä, Lillukka 1st March 1997
A Mad Tea-Party Kuisma Pieksämäki, Paikka 29th November 1996
? ? Muurame, Työväentalo 16th October 1996
Skenery Niitty Palokka, Koulukeskus 28th September 1996
Demo reviewed Rumba - August 1996
Umpio Migreeni Kuopio, Sotku 10th August 1996
Plastic Grooves YAD Jyväskylä, Ilokivi 10th August 1996
Niitty's private party Niitty Jyväskylä, Ilokivi 30th July 1996
Upteekki RadioMafia - 2nd July 1996
Demo tape created Kelmu Jyväskylä 25th May 1996

18th July 1998: Live at Uni & Painajainen

Uni & Painajainen was another Niitty event held in Ilokivi. There were two stages. The Uni stage upstairs was a more relaxed chillout-alike environment and the Painajainen stage downstairs concentrated on raw action. There was also an outdoor stage - a real chillout zone. Downstairs

20th December 1997: Live at Piece of Cake

Picture from Piece of Cake After a five month break it was time to throw a gig again at a party organized by - surprise surprise - Niitty. The event was a typical Niitty event with LlaMa and Zuku spinning some records etc. Because this was Niitty's second anniversary party they gave a free piece of cake for every participant. There were enough people to keep the place, Ilokivi, full enough.

Picture from Piece of Cake Due to rigorous studies we didn't have time to practice at all. PiirakkaMunalla wasn't present at all because he had just returned from the army so "only" 4 of us played - Vesuri without his Korg X5. Those facts didn't cause as many problems as they might have. Actually everything went quite well. We played some pumpin' elektro-acidish tracks and made the audience dance.

12th July 1997: Live at Sähköisku

Picture from Sähköisku This was the event everybody had been waiting for. All the Finnish rave people were excited - the Acid Junkies were finally about to play here in Finland again. This sure didn't make our lives any easier.

Neither did the problems we encountered. A day before the event we had a practise session in Muurame, which suddenly came to an end because of a power shortage. This was only the beginning of our problems. 3 hours before the event was supposed to begin we got a permission to start setting up our equipment. Everything seemed to work fine until it was time to test the sound output. A loud noise was coming out of the speakers while our power cord was plugged in. It was a grounding problem. Removing the grounding didn't seem to help at all, so we decided to play the live with only 101/202/606.

The loud interference noise kept coming out of the speakers. We were desperate - we were told that we can't play at all. Half an hour before the beginning of the event the PA master guy figured out how to get us some power without interfering with the audio system. A celebration. We plugged all the equipment again and everything worked, except the TeeBee which accidentally fell on the floor during the set up. The waveform knob was broken and the synth did not produce any sound. After opening the cover the other Acid Junkies guy told us how to fix it temporarily. The event had already began while the fixing took in place using some wire taken from a broken PC found from the place.

Picture from Sähköisku Finally we got on stage at 11 PM. Everything went just fine, people seemed to have a good time and so on. After that it was time for the Acid Junkies to play. They played a nice set with lots of ups and downs and climbing up to climaxes to get the audience along with the music (as they described it). After two encores things calmed down a bit with an oldskool vocoder rap/elektro session. Then Ferenc started playing his awesome set of pure elektro stuff. It was just great. Marko Laine also played a nice, but weird set including the James Bond theme (!) and Bunker029 and so on.

At 5 AM we got on stage with another session. We were very tired and when things started to suck a bit we decided to give it up to LlaMa to continue. All we wanted was just to get some sleep so we packed our things and went home. Unfortunately we had no time to check out the house/trance stage but... so?

Overall the event was nice, people had a good time and the music was good. The white walls in the main stage sucked a bit though, but... you can't have it all, can you?

1st March 1997: Live at Betoni Beats

Picture from Betoni Beats After a long break, Niitty finally organized a rave event in Lillukka at Jyväskylä. We were supposed to play in the opposite corner to the main mixer. Even though the place was small, no one had an audio cord long enough. After fetching one, the event had already begun so we had no opportunity to test the cord.

Picture from Betoni Beats While we played the cord caused some ugly crackles so the organizers had to hold it steady all the time. High amount of bass also seemed to make the main mixer fade down higher frequencies, so we had to keep the bass down a bit. Anyway, overall things went pretty OK and the event itself was very nice. The atmosphere got better all the time. Nice people and nice music (from Dixon, LlaMa, and Hyp) kept the party up until 6AM.

Photographs © 1997 Teemu Luoma.

29th November 1996: Live at A Mad Tea-Party

This one was held in an abandoned office building owned by the government. The atmosphere was great - a small hall with only a limited number of true techno people present and music stompin' hard - extreme. Underground. Anyway, our live actually didn't go as well as it could have gone. RaatoMestari's Mc-202 didn't like the cold temperature - it didn't get enough power so it decided to fuck up a bit. Vesuri's HD broke down and the turbo card refused to work. PiirakkaMunalla's tunes were about to be unreadable. These technical problems affected our playing too. It was very hard to mix the tunes because the trackers went out of sync every now and then. Some tunes and MIDI setups fucked up a bit too. Anyway, the event was a nice experience and we consider it as a lesson learned.

16th October 1996: Live at Muurame

The event we played at was the first so called techno party in the little village of Muurame. There were no DJs whatsoever: just a couple of CDs and two live events (Thales and us). First Thales played some of their Selected Ambient Works 85-92-alike stuff and the young audience sat down and listened. After we started, the room was empty in 5 minutes. Our distorted grooves were not understood. However, we played 75 minutes and recored the live session as a demo tape, which is pretty allrite...

28th September 1996: Live at Skenery'96

The rave at Skenery'96 computer party was held in an airraid shelter at the school of Palokka. After we started playing at 9PM the small room was soon full of people. Everybody seemed to have a good time while RaatoMestari, PiirakkaMunalla, Pekka Pou and Vesuri played some of their pumpin' experiments. At 10PM DJ Irwin wanted to start playing because he was in a hurry so we had end our succesful live with nice applause.

August 1996: The demo tape reviewed in Rumba magazine

This text has been taken directly from the demo review page of the Rumba magazine.

CELMU, Jyväskylän seutu

Viiden maanalaisen konemestarin (Raatomestari, Pam, Vesuri, Pekka Pou ja Naks) kokoelmanauha Hikee jyskyy ja venyy kaikkien teknotrendien suuntaan, kun Jyväskylän, Tikkakosken ja Muuramen valistunut nuoriso panee raudat paukkumaan.

Celmun tyyppien omat alalajit kulkevat veikeillä nimillä: omakotihouse, kimakka, melatranssi, tenko, koeputka, korkeatatsikas ja tutkahäve. Raitansa ovat saaneet myös puutarhaletku ja kaasuvuoto. Celmulaisten työtapaa kuvaa esimerkiksi sitaatti Naksin Tribl-01:stä: "...gabberympyröissä vietetty nuoruus pullahtelee kuultaville saakka. Se ei aina riitä, että reivaa aamukahdeksaan, vaan vielä menee kotonakin se tunti pari ennen nukkumaanmenoa, missä ne hikisimmät raidat työstyy." Vastaava Raatomestarin biitti menee todella hämäräksi: "Suurin osa meidän hardiksesta löytyy täältä sienitien mestasta. Sideburnsit tosin on listitty ja satakutonen jäi saamatta. Litisöö ja lätisöö kuin kumiankka konsanaan."

Alasta kiinnostuneiden kannattaa ehdottomasti tsekata. Nauhan myynnissä olemisesta ei tosin ole tietoa.

k: 014-373 1417/Tero; deetsay@silmu.cc.jyu.fi

10th August 1996: Live at Umpio

After driving to Kuopio we found out that the organizers were having major problems with lack of electricity. They weren't sure if they have enough power for us to play, but after detaching the other strobe we were able to start. Things went quite well and all the people seemed to be having a good time, no matter how hard we phukked the trackers and tweaked the knobs. We got another gig offer and some dude even wanted to have our record, so this live can be called a success.

10th August 1996: Live at Plastic Grooves

The event organized by Youth Against Drugs was aimed at young people, so most of the people were under 15 years old. They were not really rave people - they thought the event more as a disco than a rave. However, some of them liked our stuff. Right after we had finished playing, there was a fire alarm and we had a bit trouble getting our equipment out of the building because the firemen didn't like us fooling around in there.

30th July 1996: Live at Niitty's private party :)

Information concerning this event is unfortunately lost in time.

2nd July 1996: RaatoMestari's tune in Upteekki

RaatoMestari's tune How'sex-perience was played in a very popular Finnish radio show on RadioMafia, one of the few radio stations that can be listened to in whole Finland and in Sweden. The tune was the first tune on our 13 track demo tape called 'Hikee', made under the name Kelmu (later renamed to Celmu).

25th May 1996: A demo tape created under the name Kelmu

Finally we had enough will power to gather together with our equipment and create the long awaited demo tape. We sat down and played some of the tunes we wanted and recorded them on a high quality metal tape. The tape was sent for example to RadioMafia, a Finnish radio channel.