Active Members


Vesuri has participated in most of the demo scene productions made by dA JoRMaS - usually as a coder or as a musician. He also has a lot of projects of his own including Tutka, a tracker style MIDI sequencer.

Picture of Vesuri

Code, Music

City: Espoo

WWW: http://www.jormas.com/~vesuri/

EMail: vesuri@jormas.com

IRC: Vesuri


Naks is the man behind the name dA JoRMaS. He composed a lot of tunes for dA JoRMaS, was very involved with many productions and used to run dA JoRMaS' World Headquarters board, LamerLand. These days he's an active DJ.

Picture of Naks

Music, Graphics

City: Jyväskylä

WWW: http://www.jormas.com/naks/

EMail: naks_jrm@hotmail.com

IRC: naks


RaatoMestari is one of the original dA JoRMaS members from the first meeting. His talents as a coder and a musician have been seen in many dA JoRMaS productions. He has an electro project of his own called Mulletronic.

Picture of Raato

Code, Music

City: Jyväskylä

WWW: http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~raato/

EMail: raato@cc.jyu.fi

IRC: Raato

Pekka Pou

The first dA JoRMaS meeting was held at Pekka Pou's place in Muurame. He ran a BBS, has coded many demos and has written a lot of music for dA JoRMaS. In the recent years he has concentrated on his work as a Commodore 64 artist, Tero.

Picture of Pekka Pou

Code, Music

City: Jyväskylä

WWW: http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~deetsay/

EMail: deetsay@cc.jyu.fi

IRC: deetsay


Hirvih has been part of the group since the early days, when he was Vesuris nearly endless source of self-taught technical demo coding information. Having reached his personal scene goals back in the late 1980s, he mostly preferred to stay in the background, supporting "these friendly newcomers" with his experience and a private BBS. In 1995 he organized our first live performance (as well as he made sure that we were actually going to show up) and for the next two years he was also the contact person for public relations stuff. He is the guy behind some clever ideas and fresh samples used in our productions.

Picture of Hirvih

Code, Music, Consultation

City: Espoo

EMail: hirvih@jormas.com

IRC: Hirvih

Viron Tullimies

Viron TulliMies is our youngest member, but by no means the least noticable. His work has not been heard much in our productions but this will probably change in the future...

Picture of Viron Tullimies


City: Tampere

EMail: simo.hirvonen@netti.fi

IRC: vtm

C00l Pappi

C00l Pappi is a cool musician, nowadays living in Jyväskylä. He isnt very active, but he sometimes surprises people by giving out some nice tunes. He has been a member for a long time. He also has a techno-house project of his own.

Picture of C00l Pappi


City: Jyväskylä

WWW: http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~polkki/

EMail: polkki@cc.jyu.fi

IRC: paulig

Inactive Members


PiirakkaMunalla was one of the most creative members in dA JoRMaS. His graphics, design and tunes have been seen and heard in many dA JoRMaS productions.

Picture of PiirakkaMunalla

Music, Graphics

City: Jyväskylä

EMail: pam@jormas.com

IRC: pam_jrm


Kippu lives in Switzerland and is the only creative non-Finnish member. After he joined in December 1994 he has created very unique gabber tunes which are best described with the word "Kippu".

Picture of Kippu


EMail: otas@vtx.ch


Jolkoti is one of the most recent members of dA JoRMaS. He joined while we were doing the Borrrderline project. Thats the only production so far with some of his work.

Picture of Jolkoti


City: Helsinki

WWW: http://www.crankshaft.fi/

EMail: mikko@crankshaft.fi

IRC: Yolk

Support Members

Ritari Jointti

Ritari Jointti from Kuopio takes care of the DNS administration of our domain. He is actually the one who made the whole domain possible.

Picture of Ritari Jointti


City: Kuopio


Tööhi has been among us since the day dA JoRMaS were born. She is Pekka Pous sister and lives in Kuopio.

Picture of Tööhi


City: Kuopio

Pipolikki/The Pipos

The Pipos are a real party couple. Pipolikki is Ruuvvis sister.

Picture of Pipolikki/The Pipos


City: Virrat

Pipoliina/The Pipos

The Pipos are a real party couple.

Picture of Pipoliina/The Pipos


City: Espoo


Ruuvvi is an ex-trader and a party dude.

Picture of Ruuvvi


City: Jyväskylä

WWW: http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~hafonsel/

EMail: hafonsel@cc.jyu.fi

IRC: Grrooovy


Pillu-Pappa is from Jämsä. He is a big man (yes he is). He usually also has some pervert stories to tell.

Picture of Pillu-Pappa


City: Jämsä

Kari Karhu

Kari Karhu used to be the sysop of A Split Second.

Picture of Kari Karhu


City: Lahti

WWW: http://www.eriklyden.com/

Puuppolan Vaari


Picture of Puuppolan Vaari


City: Jyväskylä

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