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Multiplatform Demos

Multiplatform demos.

HC Andersen's Underground Raveclub Records

The first production serie. The quality of the productions was very low, mostly because the coder and the graphician were lazy.


Mostly simple hardcore intros.

Urea Leaks

Musicdisks with many songs of different styles.


More varied productions with ambient and trance songs.


A HC/Gabber production serie.

Bonus Stages

A variety of styles with each production being different than the others.

Floating Joints

Funky design productions with all kinds of sonic house/detroit/trip hop experiments.

Elastik Pitches

A serie covering mostly house and detroit things.


A long term project with mono tracks and some house.


A return to the roots.

Amiga Musicdisks

Individual musicdisk with different styles.

Amiga Demos

Individual Amiga demos.

Other Amiga Intros

Individual Amiga intros.

VST Plugins

VST Plugins.